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Originally posted by Lynk Former
Well it's really a point of view thing.

When Vader/Anakin said his last words the meaning is different for me. ("the truths we cling to rely greatly on our own point of view").

Really it all boils down to how each individual takes this information and molds it in their mind. There's no right or wrong answer unless Lucas finally tells us for sure his reason... so like I said before, maybe Lucas wants us to figure it out rather than him telling us.
Sure, sure, I agree with that. And Lucas may give us an answer that we don't buy, and so we just make up our own thing. That's subjectivity for you. Good art & myth is multivalent anyway.

As for me, Anakin is back the moment he goes for Palpatine. He dies on the "Good Side." That instead chooses to be the unstable bratty 20 something from 24 years ago just ruins it.

Then again, I haven't seen Episode III, so perhaps it will be done in a convincing way and I'll drop my objection. But for now it just looks odd and the explanations weak.

I mean Anakin could have chosen to look like himself as a little child right? Back when he was NOT on the Dark path, he hadn't killed anyone, was full of hope, etc.

But there is also the issue of maturity. A mature person accepts their faults and looks past their painful experiences to the knowledge they have gained and moves on. They don't run away from their problems by pretending they're a kid again and nothing bad or complicated ever happend to them. In other words: they take responsibility.

Sure, maybe Vader's past is just too painful for him to contemplate throughout the eternity of the afterlife and he had to "let go" of that pain in order to achieve peace (something not possible in his lifetime), but by the time he reaches that state as a 21 year old he's already built up quite a record of painful experiences and mistakes (uncontrolled rage, his acts of mass murder, his marriage to Padme, attacking his master, etc). And again if he's reaching out to and bonding with Luke, why not choose a form that he will recognize?

As to "well we're spoiled and we want explanations" I disagree. Lucas felt so strongly about the story that he decided to make a major change like this and didn't really go into the "why." And since he's going out of his way to explain all the backstory with the prequels, we EXPECT him to explain it. So it's not our fault, rather the blame can be cast on Lucas. Had he not made the prequels we'd still be watching Sebastian Shaw at the end of ROTJ. If he then turned around and change him into a 21 year old we'd all be like "huh???" (even more so than now).

Okay, I'm just rambling now, without Lucas to explain it, it's up in the air. See you again in about 7 months. ; )

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