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You know, Kurgan, I think back when all of us were so excited about Lucas making the prequel trilogy, and there was much rejoicing. Had I known then what I know now, I'd have been much more careful about what I'd been wishing for. With the prequels unmade, I was left to imagine the wondrous place and events that lead to my favorite movies of all time.

But then all the flirting about what the genesis of Star Wars might have been was replaced with the tangible - a product of modern-day Lucas's often bewildering sensibility.

I often find myself wishing back for the day when the prequels were unmade, before the days of Gungans, midichlorians, Naboo, changing lightsaber colors, changing Anakin ghosts, altered blaster-shot timelines, and obscenely overused CGI. I often pine for the days when starships were made of models, when the looked like actual objects you could touch, rather than video game cutscenes.

But I should have known - the signals were all there. Although the space battle from Return of the Jedi was the best I've ever seen, the battle of the Ewoks was an omen of any prequels to come. I should have known - we should have all known. While the Emperor's overconfidence was his weakness, perhaps our faith in Lucas was ours.

Had the prequels not been made, then we would not be discussing the rationale for Anakin's ghost, the unmystical and troubling midichlorians; the DVD's would not have been rushed out the door to precede Revenge of the Sith, and thus might not have had some of the strange issues that exists today, such as the inconsistency of Luke's lightsaber color in A New Hope.

Or not - like we were discussing earlier today, George Lucas is to Star Wars, as Michael Jackson is to his own face - he just has to keep tweaking it, until finally all he's going to be left with is a mess.

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players...

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