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Best moment, can hardly pick one, or less than 10 :P

Jumping out of a reversing speeder that hadnt quite stopped, I was placed behind and consequently ran over and killed by this speeder that must have been doing about 1kph.

Using nades to blow Count dooku off a walkway on bespin >:D. BTW you can't really kill the jedi but they do die when their teams reinforcment count gets down to 20.

edit: sorry meant to say cant kill em by shooting directly, but you can blow em off the map or run em down in vehciles. I got a screenie I will put up as soon as I get my computer running cause this one doesnt have photoshop.

Opening up for the first time with the destroyer droids blasters, and the xwings lasers.

Flying through a walker's legs with a speeder (got a screenshot)

"Mowing the grass" with the AT-AT's.The grass being idealistic delusional freedom fighters >:P

Killing ewoks and gungans, I will never get tired of. This is what really happens when teddy bears try to take on armoured blaster wielding soldiers. Enough throw rugs to carpet my way to coruscant :P

Firing a rocket and Vader only to have him rebound it into a teammate.

My bro not figuering out that even using the disguise kit didn't stop the targetter still showing him as an enemy, nor that the AT-ST's lasers had splash damage. :P

Watching the sarlacc pit go through a nine course meal of my teammates, rebels and tusken raiders.

Taking out 87 guys in one game. Only bots but almost at that magical 100 mark.

Watching the AI snowspeeders continuely crash into each other while trying to trip my AT-AT.

Jumping in a ywing, taking off and quickly throttling up just in time to see two missiles start trailing my at exacttly the same speed (also got a screenie).

Plus I had a moment better than all that but I'll be damned if I can remeber what it was. >:( Just remember laughing and shouting out how cool that was.

Aliens sh** me - Emperor Palpatine (attributed)

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