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Okay, just for fun: Hal beef with the Asier.

As a direct result of their actions Hal has lost his family, his people, his entire way of life.From his point of view blowing up 80% of the Galaxy seems like a very childish overreaction on the part of Odin's children for the following reasons.

1. Destruction of that many stars will make much of the Galaxy A. untravelable and B. highly unstable. In a matter of years the Galaxy will swollow its self. Actually I'd say the Asier may actually have brought an apocalypse foward a few years.

2. People should be allowed to choose how to meet their end. Most relevant, the Lahara Sector found have fought to the last man, woman and child against Sith, Demons, you name it.

3. The very casual offhand way the Galaxy was destroyed. I don't recall any remorse at all thew the destruction of all those people. Bear in mind that Hal and all the other Jedi felt every death and if the Asier use the Force they should have too.

Other stuff he doesnet like:

The Asier DO treat the group like children, even after months of fighting by their side they still refuse to trust Hal an inch and treat him as though he is stupid, and they were doing this before the episode in the last thread.

Before you point out that episode with the Sith in the temple I'll point out that they were in a place strong in the dark side and given their general mental state it made all the Jedi a bit odd.

Another of Hal's problems has to do with hypocracy. Particually Svafa's very violent and foolish response to being accused in the last thread, obviously a neccessary plot device but in Hal's view it reflects particually badly on her character.

Finally, Hal is bound by several codes of honour which prevent him from lying, betrayal etc so the Asier's continuing mistrust is a personnal insult, which they continually remind him of.

I should point out, counter to all I have just said that Hal has a proffessional respect for Heimdall and an instilled respect handed down from his father for all Asier but this is being erroded by his current experiance.

He has a genuine personnal conflict with Svafa.

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