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The emphasis on capturing the other team's spawn points is IMO the game's *fatal flaw*. Especially considering all the spawn-camping that goes on, typically with enemy vehicles parking near your spawn points, blasting you the instant you spawn in. Over and over and over.

More variety is desperately needed.

I'd like to see a 'no respawn mission play' option, for example. Let everyone spawn in at the beginning of the round with only (ahem) One Life to Live, then the teams duke it out and/or attempt to complete some actual mission objectives (something besides the typical mad scramble to capture all the CPs, that is) until time runs out or one side wipes out the other, then move on to the next round.

With mission objectives like, say, "Break into the Imperial Detention Center, free Fut Odorr, get him back to the Rebel base in one piece." Or "Plant explosives at critical points the CIS Droid Manufacturing Facility." Or "Rebel spies have stolen the plans for the Deathstar; stop them! Or else!" Or even "Kill Jar Jar Binks before the Republic creates an army of Jar Jar Binks clones!"

It would also be fun to have the option to play Tusken Raiders, or even Jawas...

Probably getting too far away from the premise of classic SW battles - but still, more variety of some sort is needed. Maybe in a future expansion pack...?

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