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Interesting BD.

You will not see the Aesir show remorse for their actions mainly since they believe they did the right thing and yes they did feel the deaths. Also any remorse that they do show would not be in front of the group.

Now about Svafa in the previous thread. Keep in mind that Heimdall is her brother and attacked and injured her a couple of times before Marin/Raschel accusation. She was also emotionally beat up from the strong belief that she would have to kill her brother. The Accusation pushed her over the edge as such her violent reaction.

Svafa personally doesn't like Hal. reasons:

1. He in her opinion is a poor Jedi. In this thread, the previous one etc. Hal has shown a lack of control over his emotions, being quick to anger and outbursts.

2. In the previous thread Hal (in Svafa's opinion) threw a tantrum and ran away. That completly destroyed any and all trust she had in him. It also took away a lot of her respect for him and Jedi in general (Misea is far from helping).

3. The most current thing. Hal being angry over Matt's training yet he did nothing during the eight months. If he really cared then he should have checked in or at least asked Sir Vin on how it was going.

Later on I'll explain some of the reason why they treat others as Children. Although I don't see them really treating Orthos, Gortick, Ellela, Marin, and Guy and for the most part Aidan like children. Tanara and Ritchet are new members so they don't really know.

Mainly it is Misea, the Irvines and Hal.

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