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I want the original version, where Han shoots only, where Sebastian Shaw is portraying as a ghost, where the Emperor says exactly the same thing in ESB, etc....
As for the enhancements however, I don't see a too big problem. I like how they back in 97 opened up alot of the corridors on Cloud City where you could view the outside. That was a nice touch.

The ride into Mos Eisley in ANH could have been done alot better if you ask me. Looked fake, compared to the rest of the movie.

The improvements of the final space battle in ANH was very good, not that much needed to begin with to enhance it though.

And so was the Falcon scenes approaching Yavin IV, and the landing part which we never got to see in the original film.

There are alot of small things that I wouldn't want be taken away which has enhanced the Star Wars vastness feel of the original films, but some of the major stuff, like Han shooting second, replacing Sebastion Shaw with Hayden etc... is a no-no in my opinion.

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