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I guess what bugs me is not the additional scenes that have been added, or the cleaning up the video and audio - it's the changing of already existing scenes and whole events that bothers me. Changing the color of Luke's lightsaber in ANH makes absolutely no sense. Having Greedo shoot first this time, instead of how it was originally, is just frustrating. I mean, what's next? Is Lucas going to change Luke's name to Gary? It's like - enough already. The movie is done - quit changing it. That's what frustrates me.

Now then, like I said the extra scenes I'm cool with in principle. However, the quality of the "original" extra Jabba / Han scene was horrible. Jabba looked like he was made of Play-dough, and every time I'd see Han "walk over his tail", I would just cringe. It just looks sooooo cheesy.

One extra scene I liked was the Falcon lifting out of hanger bay 94 with stormtroopers shooting at it. Very cool.

So in summary: (1) Change = Bad, (2) New = Cool (just do it well)

That's my opinion

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