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I don't have the DVD's yet, but pictures I've seen show's Luke's lightsaber as green in the Falcon, instead of blue. Yes, it was probably a poor job of graphics enhancement (not sure why that scene needed enhancing in the first place), but whatever the reason, the result is that his lightsaber is green in the Falcon. And it is blue in Ben's house. It's just....."Aaaaaaaaa!!!"

I sort of liked the whole concept of the Jabba confrontation scene with Han in ANH - it added a connection to ESB with the reference to the bounty hunters that they ran into on Ord Mantell because of the price Jabba had put on his head. It's just that the quality of that new shot was so horrible. I wouldn't have minded if they'd just had Han walk directly behind Jabba without artificially lifting him up to appear as though he was walking over Jabba's tail. Sure, some people would have pointed out, "Hey, hey can't do that - Jabba's tail's in the way". But still, it would have looked much better than the goofy thing they do with Han now, elevating him and the sliding him back down over Jabba's tail - it just looks retarded beyond words.

Anyway, that was more than you asked

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