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Originally posted by LightNinja
i didnt say hard, i'd say anoying , also you could do some shoulder armor kind
NIGGA PLEASE!!!!! (not meant discriminating!) i weighed jimesu's samurai and lemme tell you that aint fun lolololol, he had like 6 headparts, roflmao oh well guess its gonna be released soon, so i think i can handle this

Ninja you remind me of my alter ego NinjaX j/k yeah i was planning on doing this gold armour with well a kinda saiyan look but still sauron style so it will be all pointy (sauron) and at the same time be some sort of triangle around the torso (saiyan)
btw didnt got a chance to do anything at all today :/ oh well
btw jimesu that was kinda what i was planning but since not many ppl know how to Alpha map, i think ill trow in some solid hairstyles as well
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