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favourite moment? gotta be on the bespin platforms. I was being a rebel vanguard guy just standing at the furthest platform taking down ties when i hear darth vaders breath. Instictively i think, oh crap im dead but i look up and hes quite a way off. He's in the middle of a crowd of rebels and kills them all in three seconds. I thought, what the hell, and fired a rocket at him. He batted it away into a few more rebels (which looked so cool BTW) and started running at me. At this time im reloading so i switch to my puny blaster and start taking pot shots at him, he of course just bats them away. I decide to try blow him off the platform so i get out my rocket launcher, but being trigger-happy as i am, fire way too soon. The rocket goes flying up in the air, no where near him. As hes literally metres away a tie bomber falls from the sky, seeping him away off the platform. I like to think that i shot down the tie bomber but i very much doubt that i did.

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