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note the sarcasm in my post redy

yeah, and in this thread, i'm trying to fix up the personality querks I have with the Irvines ^_^;

although i'm going to almost keep WH Irvine the same, but letting RH irvine to grow a bit (note any noticeable attitude changes already with the two, and any mistakes thus far, were my fault ^_^)

RH Irvine's still got a bit to go, note his reactions and questions ^_^ (also note his somewhat abserd question was to get an idea on the numbers of the aesir or the number of sith.)

he's more annoyed at hal then anything (hell I am too) especally almost saying "You screwed up I'm taking over". no offence JM, but for story sake I had RH Irvine thought that matt wasnt mentally ready for hard combat training. But hell either way you look at it how would he know that they'll be pit up agenst a full day's worth of battle. again its nice to be prepared, but my logic is, especally with that first act with matt in the closet ^_^

it is also RH irvine's first apprentice

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