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Well since a black hole causes a different hyperspace shadow to a star (We've seen this with the Maw.) it follows that all those black holes will make large tracts of space unpassable.

As to the other thing its a Star Wars style exageration, but that said all those black holes are going to start dragging towards each other and joining up and on it will go.

As to what Admiral said I take your points, however counterpoint to what you said about Svafa I'd like to elaborate on Hals mntal state:

1. His entire family dead, either directly or indirectly because of the Asier.

2. These guys blew up the galaxy!

3. The destruction of Agamar makes Hal feel personnally guilty because as soon as his father died those people became his responsibility. Consider if this had happened a couple of threads later when Flax had gained more power after the armastice he would have been responsible for the death of everyone in a sector.

4. Hal has his father's temper. Flax shows it less because of his age.

5. Consider the Hal here with the much more reserved and reasonable Hal in the other thread.

Also, I think he's been very well behaved this thread.

I got around to reading "Sword School", talking about swords, you made one or two boobs:

1. The Gladius is worn on the Right, even early Spatha were worn on the right. The didn't start wearing swords on the left until C 250 A.D. at least.

2. You missed some interesting types:

Mycenaean Rapier.

Naue II.

Sorry, I just couldn't resist

I wouldn't expect you to know those, since its Pre-Roman Classical knowledge.

I just had to say also 13th Warrior, I was screaming, "Its pattern welded you **%^%&&$%%$%%&

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