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Kashyyyk inappropriately portrayed

Kashyyyk is a harsh planet with huge trees, canopies, multiple ecosystems, and dangerous predators on the ground. It's kind of like Endor (tree hovels, established platforms).

In the Kashyyyk maps (Islands and Docks), while we ARE given a coastal setting, there are no large trees, no canopies, no predators. Wookiees don't live on the ground. KotOR portrayed Kashyyyk fairly accurately but limitedly.
There should be raised platforms high in the air, vines, huge trees, etc. If you fall off the platforms you should plummet to your death. There should be multiple elevations of constructed platforms in the tree canopies. Instead we're given some cheap attempt at showing Kashyyyk with huts on the ground. It's only a ~30 year difference between Old Republic and New Hope. Kashyyyk is not accurately portrayed in the two maps at all.

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