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The Great Things About HOTH

In my opnion I think that the Hoth battle may be one of the greatest Star Wars battle so far, not that the other ones aren't good. Its just shows the power that the Empire had and the rebels just running around like mice fighting. Plus its kinda the first time you really get to see Luke use the light saber. Anyways in the game I think that this is a great level for the same reasons. Any 5 year old can play the empire and win. But you know that you have a good team if you are the rebels and you win.

Obviously the main concearn in this level is the Large AT walkers. Although slow they have great firepower. So far I have been on a winning rebel team 2 times. Both times I was a gunner in the speeder with a good pilot the whole time. In just one game we had to take down 4 of the AT walkers. I might have played the level 6-7 times but won 2 times. The funny thing is that if your good and your taking down those AT's the guys on the Empire get ticked.

Another great aspect in the level is the tunnels there are 2 systems of them I think.

So far Hoth is the level that I have had the most fun on.

Anyone else have a good time there?

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