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Originally posted by BattleDog
Well since a black hole causes a different hyperspace shadow to a star (We've seen this with the Maw.) it follows that all those black holes will make large tracts of space unpassable.
No, the Maw has a ton of black holes close together. Gravity is what causes hyperspace shadows. Any black holes that may have formed are no closer together than the stars were.

Also keep in mind that 80% of intelligent life is not the same thing as 80% of stars. The reason for the stars being out now is the mysterious darkness that instantly shut out all light eight months ago. Also, stars have to be a certain size (larger than our sun, a medium star) to form a black hole after going supernova.

Large tracts of space are not going to be unpassable anyway because black holes have yet to form where they will form. I base this on the fact that just scant research tells me that although many stars have been observed going nova, a black hole has never been observed forming.

As to the other thing its a Star Wars style exageration, but that said all those black holes are going to start dragging towards each other and joining up and on it will go.
I don't remember Star Wars science being exaggerated in that way. That seems like a BD-style exaggeration.

Black holes *cannot* be formed in twenty years, certainly.

And again, see what I said before about the millions to billions of years thing for the gravity of the black holes to drag each other towards each other over such vast distances...even if there were enough stars destroyed for this to happen, which looks extremely unlikely.


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