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About Swords BD: When wearing them I was referring to Medieval ages, and Renaissance. 13th warrior made me cringe a lot with what they did but still a decent movie.

About the explosion of the Stars.

Only extermly massive stars would create blackholes. Other large stars would create Neutron Stars that they spin rapidly can generate pulsars.

The galaxy is not littered with tons of black holes many of the stars that exploded didn't have the mass to generate black holes or Neutron stars. Neutron stars would be the next most frequent event with black holes being the least likely.

Concerning the Aesir and trust. As Red knows the Aesir do not trust, they are prone to mistrust. This roots itself in Loki and the death of Balder. After that point the Aesir basically only trust each other fully. After the destruction of the galaxy, the Aesir are despised (and understandably I will add). To reverse everything and save their lord the Aesir must work with people who in all likely hood hate them. This makes trusting those people much harder since they could just be bidding their time for Revenge. I think only Orthos has really seen any benefit from the holocaust (finding his brother, and cousin)

That is the starting point of their inherint mistrust in PTH.

Now for certain individuals it is increased:

Hal: His lack of control over his emotions is dangerous especially for Jedi. The Aesir know this and will not trust him until he can exert control his emotions. There is also another question that is Hal is having trouble following the Jedi code will he also have trouble and be unable to follow his other codes?

Misea: Has no control over her emotions and is sliding to the dark side. Definetly not going to trust.

Guy: Mysterious, not very sure where he stands and they don't know much about him so they hold him at arms lenght.

The Irvines: The Aesir didn't like them at first because of their family history. Since then the Aesir have continually been forced to repeat themselves. They complain, whine (take the armor for example) and have made some stupid comments. The Irvines are prone rash actions, don't think things all the way through. Sir Vin lost a lot of ground with what the Aesir see as a failure in his responsiblity to train Matt.

I will note at this point that Hal also lost ground. If Hal in their opinion was truely concrened about Matt, Hal would have inquired about his training during the past 8 months. Then instead of trying to immediatly take over it would have been better if Hal offered his help (much more Jedi like).

Matt: His little snopping adventure set him far back with the issue of trust.

Out of the Group Marin is the most trusted. Aidan is coming along since they first meet him. Same with Orthos, Raschel, and Ellela. Gortick, not sure of just yet same with Tanara and Ritchet.

Now for some fun. I'll reveal a little bit about Svafa state of mind:

1. She blames herself for her fathers death (Odin). Svafa is convinced that if she did her job as a Valkyrie better then Odin would not have been killed. Combine this with Svafa's already beating herself up over the death of Balder and failing to find Loki's true nature.

2. As a Valkyrie, Svafa has spent many years infiltrating groups like the Empire. Acting as a spy one doesn't make actual friends and generally trusts no one. She can only really relax around other Aesir otherwise she is always on guard.

3. She doesn't think she is going to survive this to the end. Her death will have less of an impact if she keeps the rest of the group at arms length and is generally hostile to them.

At the same time by keeping them away from her she insultates herself from their deaths.

I can gon on and on as I delve deeper into her pysche but at least everyone should understand her a little better now. maybe Tomorrow I'll do Heimdall and Idun (this is rather fun). With luck you should be able to notice a difference between PTH Svafa and C13 Svafa as things progress.

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