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Deac, BD:

I need an idea of Coruscant's current defenses, the kind that an Imperial Loyalist intelligence agent might know. (and thus Starr.)

BD, what were the defenses like when the corrupt Senators were in control?

Deac, what changes has Reletha made, if any?

Thanks in advance.


Edit: And a separate question, for BD only:

Who are the main decision-makers of the New Republic at this time? Clearly Taklin Flax is the main guy, but who would be beneath him? Who would make decisions to, for example, make an arms/supplies/etc. deal with a third party? How would that be handled? (An answer of "this option wouldn't be considered" is also a valid response, I'm not going for the whole "in theory" thing here. )

Note I don't mean pure military strategists, so someone like Ackbar is out.

(Also, are you ever going to post your character bios, as everyone else has on page one? ^_~)

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