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Originally posted by ECGN|MMmmGood
So people are hosting them without any admin functionality at all?

Sounds like they are out to make an easy buck more than anything.
I don't think you have a remote understanding of how the hosting business works. Do hosting companies decide which players to kick or remotely change to a specific map on whim? No, that's what the people renting the servers do. If you want to blame someone for not providing rcon/admin then you should not be looking to the server companies, which are just fulfilling needs but at the software developer. I'm pestered constatly by people that know there is no rcon but still want a server. Unfortunately most of these people wanting servers can't be helped due to the broadcast on "oversight".

The hosting companies have to spend time setting up the servers (costs) and in fact this game is more expensive to some hosters as there is no rcon quit type of command and less to customize, so hosters get bugged more to help with changes and customers need a lot of hand holding when they think something is up with their server but in fact it's their client or the game itself. In that kind of support, this game seems to need about twice the average amount of handholding. Then we look at CPU useage and bandwidth for other costs. The bandwidth here for a 16 slot server should be around 512mbps according to the read me but I've not had anything decent for less than 1mbps. That's one expensive server for us to host. Add in the hand holding too and the constant tweaking we get asked about and your idea of a fast buck is simply ludicrous.

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