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Okay, ordering Homeric Last First.

3. No. Why, do you need them?

2. It depends who is offering, arms requisition would be handled by a Senate Commitee in the Republic. Anything has to be stamped by Flax at some point.

Currentlly Flax is opperating what might be reffered to as a Principate. Flax is Princeps, or first citizen, beneath him it gets a bit complicated.

Flax delegates power. He can pass laws on his own but when his five and a half months is up he wants to retain his standing democratically so laws are usually passed by the Senate and then the General Assembly before being signed by the Dictator.

Hal is Flax' military Right Hand, while Mirra fills the same political position, which previously was held by Sophae.

Kal is out of the loop with Deac.

The Senior Officers of the House Gaurd are responsible for a lot of Agamar's Military administration and various Staff Officers perform the same function in the wider Military Machine.

The Military of the various Sectors is overseen by the Military Counsel:

Bel Iblis
Admiral Hektor Thran
Gaurd General Rasnar Telaris-Flax
Gaurd General taes'Windrider

I suppose any contracter would meet with a Senate Commitee and a Staff Officer.

1. Double Layered Shields you want get through without an ISD.

Three Rings of Golon Defence Platforms

24 Ground Based figher Wings, mainly X- E- and A-Wings


6 MC90s

8 MC80b's

2 MC100s

24 Strike Crusiers

42 Frigates

Numerous Corvets, Gunships and support vessels.

Roughly one quarter of this fleet is on station at any one time the rest would be on patrol in the surroundign systems and would arrive in a matter of hours.

Fly Fast,
Shoot Straight,
Live Long!
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