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Originally posted by ET Warrior
Luke DID see his real father. You know, Anakin, the guy BEHIND the Vader mask?


And THAT is garbage.
he he he I was very anti the idea when I first heard about it. But now I have seen it, I have listened to GLs thoughts on it and I LOVE IT....look at my sig it *wonderfully* ties the OT and the PT together, and truly does make the 6 film saga all about anakin skywalker, whom we first meet a a little tyke in TPM...

GLs take on it is perfectly acceptable to me:

Anakin finds out from Yoda & Obi Wan about the ability to project an image of oneself once you are dead... OK he dies at the end of ROTJ... so he projects an image of himself before the horrible phase of his existence.... when he was fully and and totally himself, not a semblance of a man with a redeemed soul as you see in ROTJ


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