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Red, yes very perceptive. Its less of an Issue for Flax as he was raised by his father and mother relativly insulated from the court because of his Jedi herritage, Flax spent his years up to 17 on a farm dusting crops in an old headhunter under an assumed name.

At age 17 Flax was preparing to take his headhunter, refitted with cannon and missiles out into the world the seek the Rebellion, his father having judged him sufficently well trained to protect himself against the dark side.

Moments before Flax launched his fighter the assult on Agamar began, he watched a TIE-GT proton bombed his father's home as the garage door opened. Flax launched and destroyed the GT.

His home was totally destroyed, killing his entire family, father and mother as well as his older brother and sister. Flax' only surviving relative was his Grandfather, the then Lord, who he could not contact for both their safeties.

Flax was pursued star-side by Imperial Fighters, although he managed to escape to highperspace and was picked up by a passing Rebel Dreadnaught.

After review of his flight logs he was fast tracked thoguh training and assigned to Blue Squadron aboad the Defiance. Six months later he persuaded the Alliance to send Mon Mothma to Agamar to recruit some of its warriors. This was the point at which Kayen Farlander and Jan Lo were recruted, as well as the Twins Sophae and Sellenna Windrider.

Flax participated in the mission to knock out the cominication's array for the first Death Star but he was hit and cracked some ribs and declared unfit for the final attack.

Flax and Sophae married six months after Yavin when he was 20 and she 19.

(There is a point to this.)

Their first son Hal was born during the evacuation of Hoth just before the transport jumped to hyperspace.

The couple traveled from post to post with young Hal in tow. From the earliest the child learned the sword, the blaster and the force. More than once a base had to be evacuated and Flax would carry his son on his back while fighting his way to the escape craft. Hal would be handed over to his mother and then watch his father fight back through Imperial Troops to his X-Wing, in order to escort their transport out.

Hal was litterally born a warrior, with the death of his Father, a man he viewed as indestructable, not to mention his Mother who worked hard to educate him morrally during his violent early childhood, he has lost his reference points in the galaxy.

Without the Jedi Order to adhire to Hal has devoted himself to his martial skills and the brutal and unforgiving Agamarian code of honour. Only over the last two months has Hal begun to recover his moral compass and spiritual centre, however he is still quick to anger and slow to forgiveness.


As to Matt's training that was Sir-Vin's responsibility, in the normal course of events you don't interfere with a Padawan and a master. I was going to do a scene origionally which implied Hal had been teaching Matt the sword over the last few months but it got buriried because I was late joining the thread.

Since that didn't happed Hal's reaction has a lot to do with guilt. He has been too wrapped up in his own problems to see Sir-Vin's difficiencies and as a result the anger is dirrected equil parts at himself and Sir-Vin.

As a general aside Flax' other children don't have the same issues as they were both born after Endor.

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