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Bug: No ability to Quit a game between Victory/Defeat and next map

Once a map is done, sometimes you don't want to go to the next map. For whatever reason, once a round is done, you want to leave the server.

But, on the results/scores screen, if you hit "Esc" it's as if you hit "Done" and you then have to out-load, logon to the server (which goes too fast to hit Cancel) and then load the next map. That's probably a good 5 minutes or so before you can Quit, which is at the next Spawn screen for the next map. Very aggravating.

There needs to be the ability to hit "Esc" to get to the menu so you can Quit the server. Instead of Esc being "Done" it should be "Enter" or "Spacebar"

Some may say this is not a bug but it's an issue with the game that causes me consternation and, where I come from, that means there's a bug somewhere. If there is some way to quit after seeing "Victory" and before seeing the Spawn screen, I'd be happy to know it.

Edit: I sure hope some Pandemic person is reading all this stuff... I'm finding it more and more frustrating to keep playing. I can't find the best server to play on anymore (cause of the server browser's inadequacies) and the servers are still crashing. It's hardly worth it...

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