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3. Okay then


Name: Lord-General Taklin Flax.

Titles: First Lord of House Flax, Earl of the Black Wall, Lord of Agamar, Defender of the Rim, Warden of the Unbroken Towers, First Right to the Crown of King Malken of the Ancient Line. Jedi Lord

Height: 5 foot 10

Build: Relativly lean

Age: Around 50 (Born 19 BBY)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Statas: Commander of the Rebel Forces, Father of Halren, Kalren and Mirrali Flax. Widower to Sophae Flax. Brother in Law to Sellenna Windrider

Gen Decs: A Warrior, pilot, leader, politician and Jedi Taklin Flax is one of the unsung heros of the Rebbellion. Present at the initial assult on the First Death Star, Commander of the escort pilots at Hoth and Commander responsible for the defence of Home One at Endor; Taklin Flax rose steadily though the ranks rather than rapidly, that is, until he met Deac Starkiller. A chance encounter with an NRI agent on Tatooine brought about a chain of events that saw Taklin's potential finally realised. Through the Crimson Star Episode to the Negotiation with Empire to the Second Rebbellion Taklin Flax met evey challenge and succeeded. Despite his current level of power Flax is no mythical hero.

With a fighter pilot's height and build he is dignified rather than overly handsome. Despite his age he remains healthy and vigerous. He holds the destiction of being and excellent swordsman with energy or Steel, having mastered the elegant Form II of Lightsaber Combat.


Name: Knight-Colonel Halren Flax.

Titles: Second Lord of House Flax, Jedi Knight

Height: 6 foot 2

Build: Relativly heavy set

Age: Around 27 (Born 3 ABY)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Statas: Son of Taklin Flax, Military Attache to the Embassy to the Aseir.

Gen Desc: A military minded individual like his father Hal is not the most centred Jedi, however his rigid adherance to The Code and his strong sense of honour ensure he will never fall to the dark side. He is a very powerful Jedi, his skills are honed to a fine combat adge and he is skilled, if less experianced tactition. Hal uses either one or two lighsabers or a blaster in combat, he is an excellant pilot, like his father. His only weaknesses are his short temper and his eye for women. He has been known to have a biting sence of humour.


Name: Kalren Flax.

Titles: Lord of House Flax

Height: 5 foot 9

Build: Lean

Age: Around 22 (Born 8 ABY)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Statas: Son of Taklin Flax

Gen Desc: A thoughful and quiet individual with a calm disposition. Kal takes after his mother and would rather avoid violence, he is strong in the force and his talents lean towards defence, healing and psychic powers. The Death of his mother hurt him. His aprenticeship to Deac Starkiller has been an on-off arragement and he remains inexperianced

Fly Fast,
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