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Gah, you did the Hero Machine thing too?

Give me a second, and I'll save and attach the image, if you want.

I suppose I should draw my own characters as well (although I don't have exact mental images for some of my characters yet...) so watch this space. ^_~

edit: The reason for this is that a third of my characters were created directly from drawings, a third of them were created from specific mental images for the same world, and a third were created specifically for this RPG. The first two thirds, I know exactly how they look. The last third, though, I don't really know.

Category 1: Rwos, Shane, Raschel, K'Warra, all PtH characters except Misae, H'lena and Trael from Crisis.

Category 2: Nereli, Gilian, Ida, Tari, Slythe, Sieze, Orion, Farran [original, "Ariel"], Riss, Celeste, Kvana from Mrear/Crisis, miscellaneous characters from Crisis.

Category 3: Starr, Luthen, Farran [Imperial version], Artemis, Sejhan, Duncan, Aren, Saria, Misae from PtH, side characters from Mrear, A'melie from Crisis.

Oh, and fine, BD, be that way

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