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Not to ruin the Hoth battle, I also love it.... But if you are talking about single player fighting, you really dont have to take down any ATATs to win. Just get in the farthest turrent across for the imperials base and just keep blasting all the troops. You will easily win. Which brings me to my point. I wish this game was all about controling the spawn spots like all the battlefield games. This reinforcement killing is just not the way to go. It makes multiplay games way to short and single player just turns into a frag fest. I love the Hoth map and it can be great, but I would rather see the rebels have to survive the attack in a time limit with just empirials constantly attacking or control all spawn spots.... Right now, the map plays well, but its no challenge to beat it... ATATs are fun to bring down, but you dont need to either worry about them. Realisticly, they were a force to be dealt with.... Wish it was the same way in the game...


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