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Forgotten Angels: Discussion thread

Plans/story outline, shortness ^_^:

Forgotten 2: reglious freaks and the prowess of the sleeping demon

Fight with some fanatic-self rightious members of the church. and prolly kill them. The wake of that alerts the forgotten.
Another conferntation with the Forgotten and Davin and co.

Davin gets wounded, and goes into a akward mental state


Forgotten 3: Enter Talon

A lead on a powerful demon who might have a strong influence in a fabled circle of demons who run the Forgotten is in a secret govermental facility.

davin gets more then what he expects from this demon, finding himself pit agenst a full fledged demon


Forgotten 4: secrets

Davin and co fight Talon's henchmen. the way that they seem to find the group at every turn they make suggests a spy inmists

Davin gets severely wounded again, this time he's more violent and Talon stops him in a quick fight.


Forgotten 5: Puzzles

Davin's seemingly controllable transformation between an almost indisgishable human to mostly full demon seems to begin disipate as he finds out that he doesnt seem to have the life expectency beyond 30

During this time he finds out that he has a even deeper genetic defect then the typical half demon

the puzzle pieces of from what seems to be orign makes him think twice about his memories


Forgotten 6: The truth about the Golaith project

A specialy created demon cloned from Talon was supposed to be the perfect killing machine

In another confernation with another of Talon's freakish creations, and a strange connection is realised between Talon and Davin begins to form shape


Forgotten 7: Enter Golaith

Davin's unshakable reality check about himself takes his toll as he seems to remember dreams of what has happened in his true past.

As this occurs there are times were Davin finds himself not incontrol of himself, and doing things that he'd wouldnt do. He separates himself from the others in fear that he'll kill them.


Forgotten 8: Slaughter for more, misery for one

Davin's quest now crusade as his plees for Steph to follow him as he takes on and kills forgotten chairmember one by one. Now several months pregant with his child, he trys different methods of using different combonations of drugs to surpress the serial killer inside...

After killing another full demon, Golaith's personality intensifies at one moment he speaks to Davin, how he is the rightful heir to their exsistence. And shows how brutal he can be to Davin's loved ones by attacking Stephine and leaving her to die.


Forgotten 9: Finale

Davin's enraged with the memory of Stephine and his unborn child's death. But dispite him wanting to kill himself filling him to the very essence of his soul, which gives him the slight ability to overpower his evil alter ego. He knows he has to finish business.

In a finale battel agenst the four remianing Forgotten leaders, they surprise attack him at once. He manages to kill all but one. When the final swing is placed. he manages to impale his opponent with his sword, but un turn finds himself in the same situation.

As he dies, he sees talon in the distence, alive and carring an infant half demon. Helpless to do anything about it, Davin lets talon walk away with his daughter.


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