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Hoth is a great map and all, but everyone seems to be saying it's their favorite. I think there are some much more fun maps. But Hoth is really great.

The AT-AT's are fun. But you keep getting team kills when your retard freinds decide to shine your shoes from the bottom.
They're even funner on the Rhen Var map though. One time, I got into an AT-AT and didn't leave until the game was over. I never died, and got 73 kills, and that's minus the 17 team kills.

I know what you mean about the reinforcements thing. I wish you could make the reinforcements really high, so that really the only way to win would be to get all the command points. Only about 5-10% of the time am I in a game where it is won by capturing command points, and not draining reinforcements.

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