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i've made a review of the weapons, and here it is:
  • the assault weapon (e-11, rebels rifle, superbattle droid/battle droid, clone repeater) - this is a very useful all around weapon, usually with a decent scope
  • sniper rifle - this rifle usually kills in two hits from full health, unless you hit someone in the top of the head
  • concussion nades - anti-vehicle nades, they stick to vehicles and do a decent bit of damage, but they have little splash damage
  • thermal detonators - good antipersonnel nades with good splash damage
  • emp nades - just like thermal dets, but against droids (they might have a smaller splash radius, idk)
  • missile launchers - except for the super battle droid's rockets, these are good antivehicle weaps, but not as effective against infantry
  • droideka - good stationary defenses, you have to be careful not to activate your shields uneccisarily, and try not to run your guns completely dry
  • bowcaster - this one (IMO) is not worth using, with a slow fire rate and not that much damage
  • time bombs - very good against vehicles, as they stick to things and do a lot of damage
  • grenade launcher - no opinion as of yet
  • emp gun - the clone jet trooper's emp gun is very effective against groups of drids, but be carful about picking your fights, as ammo for this is quite limited. also, this gun is effective at taking down destroyer droids
  • pistol - well, its a pistol...but it has the plus of not having to be reloaded, and its not quite a peashooter
  • shotgun-like weapons (dark trooper and rebel pilot) - not very effective, but decent defensive weapons at close range
  • clone pilot lightning gun - no opinion as of yet
  • mines - extremely effective antipersonnel and antivehicle weapons when placed properly
please tell me if i missed anything important

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