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((OOS: Disclaimer, in case no one guessed, Scar and I did work this out after a fashion on IM. No godmoding is occuring here. ))


*K'Warra is sent tumbling into the square. He catches himself and rolls to his feet. Whirling around, he sends a burst of blue energy back in Talon's direction. It hits the jail and blows a section of the wall off.

Rwos is distracted as Bastern swings his mace at him. He catches the mace with his lightsword and the two lock together, the mace's magic protection stopping Rwos' blade from bisecting the weapon*

Rwos: Your heart's not in this. Stop.

Bastern: I apologize, but a Dwarf always honors his oaths. And my oath is to Lord Derk.

Rwos: I understand.

*The two disengage and begin to circle each other. Lord Derk starts to pull himself from his spot on the ground back into his armored carriage*



*Maria backs away from Kvana, then turns and runs into the cell. Elizabeth follows quickly, trembling, avoiding looking at Kvana.

A sleeping woman is bound hand and foot on a dirty floor. Maria's glowing hand slices the bindings apart*

Maria: Wake up! Wake up!

*The woman does not stir*

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