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Originally posted by ET Warrior
It already was about Anakin Skywalker, you know, because that was anakin standing by that fence. Changing it to another actor that played anakin skywalker doesn't make it any MORE anakin.

I think it does a terrible disservice to the ending of RotJ, and then entire meaning behind the redemtion of anakin skywalker. To me it feels like George Lucas is saying that Anakin skywalker was not redeemed.
Regardless of the way it feels to you, GLs comments are exactly as in my sig....for him anakin *projected* the identity of how he preferred himself to be remembered and appear to his son.... (BTW, I have often wondered, did Leia see the ghosts too ???)

Let me give you an analogy of what I understand Lucas to have meant by his comments on it...

lets say your friend dies in a car accident. When there is wake, there often is a photo. This photo is usually a nice pic of that person right, like a graduation pic etc, not a pic of that person slumped over the wheel of their car spattered in blood.... It obviously is important enough in GLs mind for him to warrant changing it... once is his to change....he couldve put ALF there if he wanted, its his damn movie to spoil or enhance as he sees fit !

but car accidents and ALF aside, ET I suggest you do what sithy says, when you watch ROTJ, close your eyes at the end.... and I would also suggest you imagine Old Shaw's Ghost still there !!!

*respect the ghostage*


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