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*From the blast a stream of energy rips across the ground, as a figure blurs as it races skyward.

The energy races towards K'Warra as he rolls out of the way, the energy explodes throwing up pieces of the street in all directions.

Talon slowing down his ascent, he flips faceing downward and unsheathes his Caladblog. It ignites with the same type of yellow electricity. The very same aura surrounds him again, and then he rockets downward like if the skies lit up in lightning themselfm engulfed with his engery, stright at K'warra. Again another explosion of energy.*

*WH Irvine with his guard that he's dealing with.*

WH Irvine "Derk, I don't care what the hell you think, but keeping us occupied with your guards, while they duke it out, and thrash your city? Don't you think you should prolly let us deal with it?"

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