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Two Systems Away

*A Stardestroyer is preparing for hyperspace.*

*Inside claxons blare as the ship locks down, striding through the confusion, everyone makes way for one man. This man is over six feet tall, his leather boots seem to thunder like drums on the deck plates and the swish of his scale shirt is deafening, such is his presence. His golden hair and beard are braided and tied with leather thongs. His cloak and overtunic are forest green and he wears a wolf's pelt over his steel helm.*

*As this man passes ever Legionary, Auxilliary, pilot and technician nods to him, strides towards a shuttle surrounded by 24 Houegaurds in Blue or Green.*

Gaurd Captain: Marshal-General! The shuttle is ready and the crew is aboard, we await only the arrival of the lady.

???: Is his armour aboard?

G.C.: Yes, Marshal General!

???: Relax Captain, it's a Noblewoman's perogative to be late.

G.C.: Yes, Sir.

*Some time later a tall woman arrives in a furr lined cloak with the hood up.*

Woman: General, are we ready?

???: Yes, my Lady. We will arrive momantarrilly.

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