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[K1] Carth's Infiltrator Suit

I made this mod Primarily for myself Because I am using Carth alot in this game(I'm actually playing through, first time in about 8 months) and I don't really like the color of his clothes. I just wanted something that would make him Look Tougher Well I recieved sme nice comments about the recolor of Carth's clothes so I thought that someone else might like to use this skin as well.

Carth's Infiltrator Suit:DOWNLOAD

This mod adds a new clothing type Just for Carth. It is equipable on other Characters, but there is only a new clothing Texture for carth so it's would be pointless to equipe it on other party members. To access this new suit go to The Cantina in Anhorehead and ask to see Teeks inventory(A little Bat merchant) Note*The Merchant will only be in the Cantina if you have my ( Verpine implant integration Visor installed first ViiV thread ) mod installed first.

Carth's Infiltrator Suite Base stats:

Defense Bonus Melee +3
Extra Ranged Damage Type: Piercing
Regeneration +2

Armor Reinforcement:
Defense Bonus +5
Improved Saving Throws Universal +5

Mesh Underlay:
Improved Force Resistance +20
Damage Immunity Slashing 25%

To install drop all files into override accept this readme or use the kmm file.This mod is best installed after installing my Verpine implant integration Visor mod so that you can purchase Carths new suit. Other wise you will have to cheat to get it.

cheatcode "giveitem t7_cis" without the quotes.

To uninstall remove all the mod files from override.

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