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Heimdall: The Heloki killed her and paid for it with their own lives.

*Heimdall walks to Misea's sleeping hole, the tarp was pulled aside. With Care he sets her body into the hole and climbs out*

Svafa to Hal: Your right we don't have time for a proper pyre but her sleeping hole will do.

*Idona set down her package and retrieved her pack.Rummaging through it she pulls out ten short light weight pulls that could be used in a storm to ancher the tarps to the ground. The poles fit together creating five longer ones.

Idona takes the poles and her cloak to five feet in front of Misea's sleeping hole. She then opened her cloak, letting the five heloki's heads tumble to the ground. Three had their jaws open exposing their blood soaked fangs. All of them had fur matted with Misea and thier own blood.

Idona picks up one of the heads and a pole and impales the head onto the pole. She then rams the pole into the ground. Idona repeats the process four more times creating a row of heads on makeshift spears. Once finished with her grim task she returns to the group.

Idun gently woke Gerd who had fallen awoken earlier but recently fallen back to sleep. Heimdall opens Misea's pack and pulls out the fire starting kit. Opening it up he pulls out a packaged with the image of a flame emblazend on it's side.

Svafa, Idona, Idun and Gerd Stand behind him as he opens the package and tosses the bluish bar into Misea's sleeping hole. The Bar lands on top of the cloak and almost instantly catches it on fire.*

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