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OOC: Um.. JoinUsOrDie, I think you mean AT-AT walkers. AT-TE walkers were the six legged walkers on Geonosis, which happened decades before the Battle of Hoth.


NAME: General Zahrahk
SIDE: Imperials
WEAPONRY: his own personal modified AT-AT, 2 handheld blasters, laser rifle
PREFERED VESSEL: " Any ship that looks like it says 'Beware' is my kind ship" - General Zahrahk
OTHER EQUIPMENT: Macrobinoculars, medpack, recon droid

General Zahrahk smirked at the fleeing rebels. He stood in the cockpit of his own AT-AT. The gunner shot at the tiny rebel soldiers on the ground.

"Gunner" barked Zahrahk

"Yes, sir?" the gunner turned around.

General Zahrahk smiled. "No mercy"

"Yes, sir." The gunner said, and returned to his position.

The gunner aimed his weapons toward a group of snowspeeders. He pressed the fire button. A large blue bolt shot at the speeders, and consumed the whole ship. A few seconds later, the snowspeeder blew up painfully.

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