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The tenseness in Guy's shoulder woke Ritchet, and as he rubbed his small, mouse eyes, he sleepily questioned what was happening, why everyone was up. Guy filled him in. For a moment, Ritchet tensed. Had Guy been able to see, he would have sworn that he saw Ritchet grow larger, more muscular, and more feral.


::Across the Ridge::

When the fire started, a sensor in the sleeping quarters of the two strangers awoke, bewildered. Seeing the time, they figured they'd had sufficient sleep, anyway, and moved outside their hole. They saw the funeral pire, and while they weren't too terribly concerned for their own hides, the decided that from now on, they'd set up automatic defenses while they slept.

They huddled together closely, and made up their minds. They'd have to be very careful if their plan was to work.

(OOC: Scar, what's saying these aren't the bad guys?)

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