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Well, someone should do a story so far thing.

Out of the darkness he saw the little flash of light. That was the sign. He thumbed the safety catch off… it was now or never.

He rethumbed the safety catch on, deciding that he could never do it. Not ever.

His hands began to shake and he started to sweat uncontrollably. He knew that by giving up without a fight, they would win.

But, he stuck by his first decision and went off too eat a burger instead, but little did he know that...

... the burger had been exposed to gamma rays and toxic waste, mutating it into a grotesque psychotic meaty monster.

"Do I get fries with this?" he muttered under his breath, once again releasing the safety catch on his... wait, that's not a gun. Who puts a safety catch on a toothbrush?

He tried to brush, wondering why the safety catch was there... BAM! er... nothing. He later found that the safety catch was merely a piece of meat

Armed with just a safety catch-less toothbrush, he prepared himself for battle with the mutated burger monster. Suddenly a thought came to him. what he needed was a

person who could help him defeat the monster. So he asked the person next to him to help him. They then...

and now my contribution

...flew into action, but accidentaly hit a wall because the universe seems to also have a sense of humour. But the wall wasn't a wall, but actually turned out to be...

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