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Exclamation Improvements that NEED to be made...

I have been thinking about what should be done to the game for a while, and have summed up all (well most) of the problems...
- would be v.happy to have It looked at, most of which are from other people:-

- Friends list, perhaps with a colour indicator ingame so people in friends list show as a certain colour, e.g blue/yellow etc..

- Server browser filters, favourites etc.

- Chat log, to see what messages people have typed, or even better, a console like in quake, jka/jk2 etc..

- Prevent client from having to reconnect to the server between map changes, which always (for me anyway) results in disconnection, and not being able to get back to that server.

*EDIT* also some more things,-

- All vehicles (Including aircraft, especially the Y-wing) lasers are too, fat.. and they move FAR too slow, also some of the sounds are wrong, like the AT-ST laser sounds, In the demo the laser sounds AND the animation was fine! what did you do to them!? I think the lasers need to be like in the demo, thin and fast.

- Voice commands?! where?! all I can command with voice command Is stupid mindless bots that get killed easier then squashing a bug with your hand.

and finally perhaps an improvement to the LAG! , thanx if you look at this devs.. Imo It seems you rushed this game so you could sell It with the StarWars Trilogy... ...
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