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((OOS: No he doesn't, but I can work with that.

By the way, like I said on IM, it's okay to say K'Warra dodged, but try to end your post with an action by Talon [Okay, I didn't say that part on IM, but ya]))


*K'Warra conjures a bright blade out of thin air and swings it at Talon as he charges. As Talon swings the Nameless in retaliation, K'Warra leaps upwards onto the nearest roof, leaving the blade to slice through thin air. His hand ignites with a ball of fire*

K'Warra: You're a bit of a riot yourself.

*He sends the ball of fire flying at Talon at a high speed.

Nearby, Bastern and Rwos continue to duel, as Derk pulls himself back into his carriage and closes the doors*



*Kvana reaches for his dropped spellbooks as Maria tries to wake the woman up*

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