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Server Admins, help us beat the FPS cap!

The Battlefront community can beat the 30 FPS cap, this is how:

The fix depends on server admins: they must use /tps in the server command line and set it to a reasonable number i.e. 60 or 70. When set to 60 or 70 that will match the frequency of most displays running at 1152 x 864 or 1280 x 960 etc.

I have been experimenting with my own server and fraps, the command line works, you can get the servers above 30, the problem is that it seems like nobody is trying it. Unfortunately I can't experiment with bandwidth limitations, I do not know how much of a hit on bandwidth performance this causes, I doubt it is significant for the bigger servers.

The FAQ is misleading: in one location it says:

increase max fps to 30 (wont go higher)
" /tps 30"

Yet in another FAQ (same author) it reveals:

Can I increase the max fps?
Yes you can by editing the setup file. It is not recommended to go above 30.

The first quote is simply not true, the second quote shows this, but also shows that they have been discouraging higher settings. Obviously there is a large outcry from people with high performance computers and high performance connections and they want the option. Not only should there be more 60/70+ tps servers (probably ones w/ high bandwidths) people should have the choice. The server browser needs to also be able to filter servers running different tps (or fps) settings. Some people will want smooth, high performance high tps, others might be limited by bandwidth or computer performance and will want the low 20 / 30 tps. Lets not be dumb about this, and offer people the choice! We have seen so often that more options are better, not worse!
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