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I also noticed the problem entering vehicles, I believe that Lucas Arts is aware of that and that hopefully it will be, and should be addressed. I also noticed that the problem was somewhat minor when compared to the huge performance difference between 30 and 60 fps. I would be willing to make that compromise until a fix for the vehicle entry bug is released.

The 1.00a patch got mixed reviews, I tried it and had worse luck with the server browser, so I reinstalled and am running 1.00 still. And yes, had the vehicle problem, only maybe 33% of the time, it wasn’t overall a big deal. Now it would be a big deal if it goes without getting fixed, and I would say that is a disservice to all of us.

For the other poster, I already have experimented with a 60tps server setting. It is up and running now. My server is at work, I get a decent connection to it through my cable connection, I have also experimented with a wireless client connection to that server, it seems fine to me. I do not have the interest in spending any money to ‘rent’ a server with more bandwidth, and that is exactly why I am posting here: so that server admins with access to huge bandwidth can try this and set up high performance servers. The over all point is that a lot of people have high end video cards, such as the 6800 ultra or GT that the picked up for Doom or whatnot and they want to enjoy the full performance of their card playing this game. I think it is reasonable for some of these servers to have the higher performance settings to match. What Lucas needs to do is fix the server browser so that people can filter the tps settings, along with ping/ map/ CW GCW etc. and choose which server they want. Do you agree?
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