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You know, Iíve been watching this forum since Battlefront came out and so far I havenít seem any discussion about server admins trying higher tps/fps settings and their results or the server requirements for higher tps settings. Nevertheless I tried to search and I just tried again and this message returned:

vBulletin Message
Sorry. The search function has been disabled by the administrator.

Perhaps you have a suggestion Mr. Tyrant? I am not going to wade through a bunch of posts that do not seem relevant based upon the tread title. I just now checked a few of the longer threads that might include specifics, but again nothing about high tps experiments and performance. Clearly in the regular non server admin battlefront forum there seems to be an ignorance that tps even goes higher, and since you cannot search for it w/ the current in game server browser I would expect that. I saw your threads about win/linux servers, and the 1.00 ->1.00a thread, nothing about tps, maybe you could point it out?

With regards to the other post, I have seen a few servers that include tps info in the title. Perhaps the community of server admins could try creating a few more servers with high tps and an indication in the title, that would be one way to search for it. I saw one set to 40tps but was unable to join, and one at 50tps, it was full everytime. I know for sure Iíve connected to another one, verified with fraps, that was set to 60 and I had no problems, but they did not advertise the tps setting in their title. Then of course there is my own server, which I havenít seen any traffic on but I believe it might have to do w/ a weird firewall issue that has us confused. (Pix says the swbf ports are blocked, but yet I can connect from home and I have seen a few others connect)

Why cant we have some admins set up some 60+ tps servers along with some 20/30 tps servers, have the differences advertised, and satisfy everyone?? Clearly, if the tps is clear in the server title, people wont have a reason to complain if their computer/connection cant handle it. Why canít we as the community give ourselves the choice and help ourselves by labling the servers in the title??
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