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From the Lucasarts JTLS site regarding the Endor space sector:
A remote, mysterious system of which little is known. The Empire has seen fit to restrict travel to this zone... but no one really knows why. If you venture there, be careful!
Whether or not you'll be able to go there and see the being built is something we obviously won't know for sure until we play the game.

As far as the Executor (or other SSDs) go, the databank maintains that
This vessel led the Imperial Death Squadron after the Battle of Yavin.
and adds in the EU section of the entry
Once leaving dry-dock at Fondor, the Executor destroyed the Rebel outpost at Laakteen Depot. The warship then set forth to Yavin 4, where the Rebels were in the midst of a rushed evacuation.
So I think that, given the timeline of SWG there is a possibility of seeing both. I'd like to think so: coming out of an asteroid field in XW:A and seeing the Executor was one of the best things about that game.
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