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Originally posted by [RNGD]Tyrant
players should be thankful that admins even run servers publically. Currently there are no controls whatsoever (the type that admins are used to with every other game on the market).

Essentially public servers now are being run as a charitable public service.

If players want things to improve and more servers with more options...then go lobby to Pandemic to fix the server and the server tools
I agree with you on that.. I think that people should be happy with the public servers that us admin have put up..
Without the capability to rcon the server and not having the capability to kick/ban users is BS in my opinion.

But I also see the other point hence why I will run a test this weekend. I hate having to hit the "W" key when I enter a vehicle due to the fps being set higher then the standard. I also hate that I can not run at 1600 x 1200 but that is something I have deal with for right now. Hopefully in the near future they will release a patch that will fix this issue. But for now I shall run the test see what happens and then I will most likely switch it back to the standard.

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