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*The Star Destroyer is hailed with a repeating droid message*

Droid: If you value your lives leave this star system at once. You are in grave danger.

*Just as the droid message was about to be repeated the four of the five drakes descended upon the Star Destroyer and the Shuttle. Three of the Drakes attack the Star Destroyer while the fourth went after the shuttle.

One of the three drakes attacking the Star Destoyer circle the ship spewing it's liquifiying fire onto the ship melting hull sections and exposing them to space. Another one of the drakes amused himself by ripping out weapons emplacement. While the third decided to perch itself on the command tower looking in at the bridge. That one also destroy sent fite at both of the shield domes (or the sensor domes depening on what you believe).

The Drake going after the shuttle quickly caught up to it and grappled on to it with it's sharp talons. With one claw it ripped away a good portion of the left stablizing wing while it's left leg destroyed one of the engines*


*The Sky clouded over and a gentle snow began to fall. It was the first snow that area had seen since the large battle. The gentle snow fall didn't stay that way for long. Snow began to come down faster and faster, then the wind picked up. The group soon found themsleves in the midst of a violent blizzard.

Idona pauses, reaches to the side her pack and takes out a coil of rope. She makes a loop at one end, puts the loop around her wrist and toses the other behind her towards the rest of the group*

Idona *shouting into the howling wind*: Grab hold of the rope, and don't let go while this storm lasts. You might want to loop it around your wrist so you don't accidently let go.

*The wind picked up again causing a white out. It lasts for only a couple of seconds before the group regained visibility.*

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