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Originally posted by Alegis

I first thought CIS, but after looking into it a whle its all balanced. Super BD have a great chance vs jet troopers if they do it right etc, everyone now just needs to train more
They have a great chance but they often start out way behind. An organized group of jet troopers can have all points capped before the bots ( - droideka) can even get to one. Especially on maps where each team starts with one, and platforms are a jet troopers best friend. I've seen a lot more maps end in 3 mins with the Republic the victor than vice versa.

That said, I prefer to play the CIS for the challenge and the SBD is a probably the most versatile class in the game.

Edit: Removed a [/B]. And in my original post I did have some confusing pronoun usage. "Them" = Republic, "They" = CIS
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