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Every faction has their drawbacks (Rebels: the wookiee sucks. Sniper not as good. Lack of mobility in their classes. Pilot's gun sucks. Empire: jettrooper's gun sucks, pilot sucks. Clones: pilot sucks. CIS: droiddeka is hit or miss, guns all-around suck.) but the CIS I think are the worst. Their guns seem innacurate on the whole (probably just from not using them much) and the droiddeka is almost worthless most of the time. Even if you know how to use it, being stationery is killer and you are a big big target. They lack a really good side that every other faction seems to have. Empire has good vehicles and all their classes fill a role. Clones have the best units. Rebels have double-shot missile launcher and good anti-infantry and anti-vehicle.

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