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Originally posted by LoQ
PLease name a small BF42 default map. One that is smaller than hoth. Perhaps you can refresh my memory of a smaller map in BF42
Well, he just did tell you, but you disagreed, so don't say he didn't tell you.

I think there should have been some bigger maps. But that's not to say I don't like the maps they have now. Most of the maps are great, but I wish that there were also maps that were huge. I was expecting Geonoisis to be a lot bigger. The small ones I like though. My absolute favorite map is Rhen Var: Citadel. The action is fast.

Also, I love those corridor fights. Sure it's a kill fest, and for a large protion of time it goes nowhere, but it's realistic and fun. It'd be boring if there weren't stalemate fights every once in a while. And fighting for the hallway for several minutes and possibly dying many times makes it much more rewarding when you finally overpower and progress.

I think the biggest reason for the seeming "frag-fest" is the reinforcement count. You can't change it, and the default is so low that capturing CPs isn't necessary.If reinforcements weren't an issue, then you'd be force to capture the CP's to win, but right now it's not even needed. I've played games where my team was being drained of reinforcements the entire time, but I still won because we were killing them so much faster.

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