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*Hal takes hold of the rope.*

Hal: Better safe than sorry.


*The Parachutests disengage the shutes and plummet to earth. At the last second their decent slows and they touch down. Two of the gaurds hussle the woman into the trees while the other two drag a respolser sled with a PERSONNAL SHIELD GENERATOR after them.*

*On the shuttle the warrior intercepts the fire with his shield. The fire simply slides off the mutlifaceted, shimmering surface. A pulse of powerful kinetic energy emits from his right hand a moment later, blasting into the Drake. The Warrior jumps off the shuttle and curls into a ball.*

((FYI, Admiral, Drago can be harmed but he regenerates. Not very fast though, a missing limb would take several months to heal at least, unless he has the old limb to re-attach, in which case it takes a few minutes. You get the idea.))

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